Thanksgiving Recap

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Paul & Jan's house, along with Bob & Randi. It was a great lunch, filled with tons of yumminess. The kiddos played outside for a little bit beforehand, and then we all sat around and talked afterwards. It was a great low-key day, and for that we are very thankful!


Hayden Kate's Baptism

Last month, we finally baptized Hayden Kate. To be honest, we'd bought her dress before she was born and we were waiting for it to fit her! Anyway, it was a sweet morning, and she did great in front of the congregation. Afterwards, we had a yummy brunch at our house filled with tons of goodies, including a delicious crockpot vegetable egg casserole that we found last-minute on Pinterest. Here are some pics from the day...


Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Howard family! We hope everyone has a great day with family & friends, eats way too much delicious food, and takes a minute to reflect on how good we all have it.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever" --Psalm 118:1


Life Lately

   Playing trains

The boys at Pep Rally day at MDO. These are their "Boo, Auburn!" faces

Hayden Kate got to have her first cookie at Publix. She thoroughly enjoyed it!

HK woke up at 4am & then decided she wanted to play. Mommy did not!

Playing around 

Making a "tent" out of the curtain in HK's room. 


Snow Globe

Last year, a friend gave us a musical snow globe. It was a huge hit with Hampton, and he ended up keeping it in his room to enjoy during the holidays.

Fast forward to this year, and the snow globe is an even bigger hit (if that's possible)! All three kids love it, and fights have been known to break out over it. We love that they like it so much, and we doubt our friend could imagine what a hit she gave us! 


Silly Selfies


Boys Day Out

Yesterday, Bo and the boys went out adventuring while Tanner stayed home with a sick HK. They went to the monthly event at the Graham Creek nature center, where they made pinecone turkeys & played in all the stations. Hamp was very proud of his wooden train & tracks he built in the blocks station (shown below). Hampton had asked to see the dinosaurs last week, so they made a stop there and took lots of silly pictures. They got to eat lunch with Daddy, too, before heading to the train museum to watch the models. Needless to say, they had a blast! Harrison wore himself straight out, falling asleep on the way home & napping all afternoon. And they made it home just in time for the big Alabama game, so Bo was extra happy! 


Holiday Prep

With the holiday hustle & bustle just around the corner, we've been busy preparing for all the fun. With Thanksgiving, 2 kids' birthdays, Christmas, New Years & our anniversary all within the next 6 weeks, we needed a plan...stat! 

So we've been busy decorating, cooking, and shopping. We've made not one list, but about 10, that we're checking constantly. We are hoping that all this pre-planning will help us have a fun & relaxing holiday season that will keep us focused on the true meaning of the season! 

Here's a little shot of our shopping and baking prep. We have wonderful little helper elves! 

Family Fun Day

We just saw these photos of Family Fun Day this week. We love how our church has a photographer at every event to document the fun!


Soccer Star

Our soccer season came to an end on Thursday with the team party. The kids got their photos, their trophies, and got to play at the park & eat pizza. Team sports were definitely a learning experience for us all, but Hamp is already talking about playing again next year, and Bo is willing to coach him! 


Happy 11-month Birthday, Hayden Kate!

Yesterday was Hayden Kate's 11-month birthday. We literally have our hands full with this sweet girl who never wants to be out of her Mommy's sight! She loves her brothers, has one tiny bit of a tooth, and is doing her best to walk. She crawls at the speed of light, and she tends to head straight to any plugged in nightlight she can find. Her 2 words are "hi" and "hey", and they are the cutest, most southern sounding words ever! We love, love, love this sweet girl to pieces, and we're so glad she's ours!


Park Fun