November Updates

Well, November has gone by in a flash! Tanner left MRE to become a gift rep and headed to Atlanta to get acquainted with her new lines for a few days. We've gone on a cruise to Mexico, Belize, Honduras and the Bahamas, and we got home just in time to head to TN for the Thanksgiving holiday. Whew! We've posted some of the highlights of the month below. Stay tuned for updates of the fun that December always brings. Happy Holidays, y'all!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was spent in Tennessee this year visiting family and friends. A wonderful Thanksgiving lunch was enjoyed thanks to Tanner's grandmother, who is an amazing cook! Later, we headed to visit our friends Sarah Neil & Sam at her parent's house. We had so much fun catching up with them!

We headed home on Black Friday, but made sure to "stop and shop" along the way. We had to break up the trip somehow, right? Tanner's parents had filled us in on this great new retail center in Huntsville, AL, so we decided to check it out. It was so cute! Filled with great stores and restaurants, we had to snap a few photos. So here we are playing tourist!


We had a blast on our recent vacation! Along with Tanner's parents, we took a cruise from Port Canaveral, FL, to the western Caribbean. In one week, we ate authentic Mexican food in Cozumel, Mexico, snorkeled the world's 2nd largest reef system in Belize, got up close and personal with the local wildlife in Roatan, Honduras, and shopped the famous straw markets in Freeport, Bahamas. The weather was windy but pleasant and the crystal waters of the Caribbean did not disappoint! Since we took over 1000 photos (we can't help it....we're obsessed!), we're sharing some of our favorites below and giving you a link to our Top 100. We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

You know what they say.....location, location, location!

We took this photo moments before the boat had to be bailed out from the choppy surf!

Belize was so completely gorgeous....maybe that's why they say it's "unBELIZEable"!

You can check out our other favorite photos at Enjoy!


This week was full of big changes. Not only did we elect our new President (yea, Obama!), but it was also Tanner's last week at Meyer Real Estate. Wonderful friends have been made in the almost 2 years at Meyer, and this week was full of cards, gifts, well-wishes, and goodbye lunches. Melanie & Tanner lunched at Cafe Grazie (who after being dinner-only now has a wonderful lunch menu), Linda treated Tanner to the Lost Key Golf Club, and fun was had at Cosmo's with the girls. What a blessing to have made wonderful friends that will last forever!

Melissa and Lisa taking a break from the wonderful appetizer!

Kathy, Arlene, Mrs. Lynne, Tanner, Linda, Melissa & Lisa at Cosmo's.


Tanner's New Job

Guess what? Tanner has a new job! Sometimes things just have a way of falling into our laps, and this was no exception. Tanner has always wanted to be a giftware sales rep and now she is one! She'll be working as a rep for The Butler Group....selling tons of the things we used to carry at Buttercups! The territory is Mobile to Tallahassee/Dothan and includes Gulf Shores, Panama City, Destin and Seaside. Friday is Tanner's last day at Meyer, then off to Atlanta for 2 days of giftware boot camp the following Wednesday. Of course, she's going to be exhausted...she leaves on a cruise that Friday! But so what? She can sleep at sea!

Melissa's Wedding

Last weekend was Melissa's wedding. It was a beautiful day and the reception at Oak Hollow Farms was fabulous! All of the Meyer Business Development team showed up to celebrate with her. What a wonderful couple and we wish them all the best!

The first dance for the new Mr. and Mrs. Franks. So sweet!

My dear friends Linda and Mrs. Lynne!

Arlene and her husband. The guys were all thrilled to be there!

Random Updates

It's been awhile since we've updated the blog since Tanner's been sick (nothing big deal...just sinus issues with the changing weather!) and our internet service has been down. We're back now and we thought we'd update everyone on what's been happening in Gulf Shores, as well as share some photos we love.

A few weeks ago, Bo was able to see the Hobbs Family, some great friends of ours from TN, when they were down for fall break. Tanner couldn't make it...the sick part :(....but a great time was had by all at LuLu's!

It's been foggy here lately in the early morning, and our friend Kristen snapped this awesome photo from her office at the RSA Tower in Mobile. William, Kristen's husband, said this was just further proof that his wife's head was in the clouds!

Gus, the puppy we rescued during Hurricane Gustav, is growing like a weed! Wayne and Leslie are taking great care of him and keeping Uncle Bo and Aunt Tanner updated on his daily life. Here's one of the newest pics of him with his big brother Jackie.

Speaking of Uncle Bo and Aunt Tanner.....early this summer, Bo's parents met up with Bo's sister Leigh in Chicago. This is the cutest photo of our niece Mira, Leigh, and Bo's dad having a great day at the park. We hate that we weren't there, too, but hopefully we'll all get together soon....especially since Mira will soon be a big sister!

Here's a photo of the view from the balcony at Tanner's parent's. We spend a ton of time here...enjoying the view and aggravating Randi, which is half the fun!

Here are a couple of photos that Tanner took at work the other day. Part of her job is photographing the properties that are recruited into the rental program, and she couldn't resist snapping a few extras just for fun!