Month In Review

This month we....
celebrated Easter in TN
went to the airport for Aviation Days
Bo got his birthday present early (a new camera)
took photos at the Fairhope park
all 5 of us got the horrible stomach bug
Bo, Tanner & Harrison got it again
went to the Strawberry festival
hunted Easter eggs at the church hunt
went to the zoo
played a lot at Grandpa & Grannie's house
Hamp went on a school field trip
enjoyed a week off during Spring Break
played outside at Grandi & Granddaddy's house
went to the Naval Air Museum
enjoyed the beautiful weather!
We're looking forward to the jam-packed month of May!
It's going to start with a trip to Disney, so it should be a great one!


TN Easter

This year, we headed to TN for Easter weekend. Easter Sunday just so happened to fall on Tanner's Grandmother's birthday, so it was decided that we all would make the various drives to be there for the weekend. We had a big family get-together on Saturday, and it was great seeing everyone. The boys got to play with their cousins & have an Easter Egg hunt, while Hayden Kate spent her time with the women. It was a great day, and we hope to visit again for Thanksgiving!


Nature Center Field Trip

Last week, the 3s classes at MDO went on a field trip to the Nature Center in the state park. They take parents along as chaperones, and Bo was lucky enough to be able to go with them on their adventure. They started at the pier, where they watched people catch fish, saw a beach mouse, and were able to touch a loon that some boys had found. Then, they headed to the Nature Center, where they saw snapping turtles, a one-eyed owl, and a snake. Needless to say, Hampton didn't touch the snake, and Bo ran to the other side of the room. He said it was for picture-taking purposes, but we all know the truth! They finished up with a pizza party before heading back to the bus. Afterwards, Bo took the one-on-one time as a chance to take our big boy for a little ice cream treat. It was a fun-filled day, for sure!


Brothers & Sisters

The fact that our boys adore their sister just melts our hearts!


Zoo Trip

The boys love going to the zoo, so we get down there fairly often. This particular day was a short trip...we arrived late, and Bo even had to beg them to let us in! They did, and the boys had a great time looking at all the creatures. Bo entertained himself with the first-time visitors, some of who extra-excited to see some of the less well-known creatures like the African Waterpig. It's not just all lions, tigers, and bears around here!


Baby Love



Meet Chug. He is the fuel truck from the movie Planes and is Harrison's absolute favorite toy. So much so, that when we thought we lost him awhile back, we went out & bought a replacement. We have since found the original (hiding underneath their dresser) and are currently holding onto it for safekeeping. We can't have another missing Chug!


Photography Blog

Remember back in January when we showed off some of the photos from our newborn session? Well, our good friend & photographer recently featured our little family on her blog. If you haven't seen it, here's a link to the post, where you can see some of the other shots from the day.

We really enjoyed having her do them, and we're looking forward to our next one this summer!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Howard Family! We hope you all have a blessed day!

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not die but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to be its judge, but to be its savior."--John 3:16-17


Strawberry Festival

This weekend was the annual Strawberry Festival in Loxley, so we headed up on Sunday afternoon. The weather was amazing, and the place was packed with booths and people. The boys wanted to ride every deadly-looking fair ride imaginable, and we had to convince Hampton that we weren't going to play a game to win a goldfish. Other than that, though, it was fun! We danced to an awesome cover band, climbed on tractors, walked the booths, and ate snow cones. It was a fun way to end a nice weekend!


Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, our church has all of the children come in carrying palm fronds. While the choir sings, they parade around the church twice, then lay the palms on the alter. We had intended for Hampton to just watch this year, since he isn't in children's choir yet. Instead, Hampton ended up in the procession. Since Tanner knew most of the little ones from teaching on Wednesday nights, she also got roped into the parade. It was really cute, even if Hampton did stop the whole procession when he dropped both of his palms as he entered the sanctuary. It was great practice for next year, when he'll be even more involved by being in the choir!


Easter Egg Hunt

Our annual church Easter Egg Hunt was on Saturday, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! We had a wonderful turnout of lots of littles, including several new faces from the MDO program and church. It was great meeting some of the newest church patrons as well as catching up with our besties, including Hampton's favorites Sophia & Yeshua. Harrison was an egg collecting machine, and once he was done, he turned to stealing cookies from other people's plates. You can see him below, quietly shoveling in a cookie before he got caught!


Model Train Show

Foley recently hosted a model train exhibit & show, so we of course had to take the boys! They had several models up and running, and the boys loved seeing the setup and watching the trains. They also had vendor booths set up, so the boys were interested in all the different train sets, tracks, and add-ons that were available in train-land. We couldn't end the train fun without a trip to the train museum, which never disappoints. However, the big star was Miss Hayden Kate, who wooed the old men who volunteer at the museum. They passed her around, and one of the guys even gave her a bottle. It was so cute to see these men in their 70s acting so silly over a baby, and she was eating it up!


Aviation Days

Our local airport held Aviation Days awhile back, and we headed over to check it out. We went a couple of years ago, and Hampton loved it, but they didn't have it last year. So when we found out that they were reviving it, we definitely wanted to take part. We got there late, and unfortunately lots of the things were already shutting down. However, that didn't stop the boys from having a great time! They got to peek inside several planes, watched a few take off and land, and then even got to sit inside a helicopter. The pilots of the helicopter were so cute with the boys, even telling them that their custom shirts were "the best shirts ever". And you know, that's music to an appliquing Mama's ears! HaHaHa! It was a very fun day, and now every time that we drive past the airport, Hampton asks to go back and see the planes!