Crime doesn't pay (but it does make a mess of your weekend)

This weekend, we had a great time. Tanner was finally feeling better, and the weather was awesome, so we just decided to enjoy ourselves. Saturday was spent goofing off, shopping, and ended with a great time on Bob & Randi's balcony. Sunday, we went on a picnic to the beach before heading to Pensacola to pick up Bo's upcoming birthday present.

Then we found out that we weren't the only ones enjoying spending our money this weekend! Apparently, at some point during all of our fun, someone broke into our car. All we can figure out is that we accidentally left the car unlocked and someone got into the backseat, inside Tanner's purse, and stole her credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and some cash.

What's weird, though, is that they didn't take her purse or wallet, just some of the stuff inside. And they also didn't take the camera, Blackberry, or IPod that were in plain sight, not to mention all of Tanner's samples in the back. We think they were either too stupid to know the value or that they got interrupted. Either way, it's creepy.

Luckily, our credit card company alerted us when a large charge came through on our account. In just a few hours, the robber-bandit wiped out both of our checking accounts, a savings account, and shopped till he dropped on the credit card! We're talking THOUSANDS in just a few hours, most of it spent at gas stations. That's a lot of Doritos and Twix bars!

Don't worry......we've gotten it all straightened out with our banks, and they couldn't have been nicer or easier to deal with! It was quite a dramatic end to a peaceful weekend.


And speaking of new babies......

Following the new addition of our nephew Ben, we're excited to announce that soon he'll have a cousin. We are expecting our own bundle of joy!

Baby Howard (or "Scally" as we're calling the baby.....don't ask!) is due in early November. We're looking forward to all the excitement in the months to come, and Tanner is looking forward to feeling better!

Here is the first picture of Scally.....it's so helpful that the Doctor pointed out where the baby was! :)



Meet Benjamin Elliott Nachod, our new nephew! Bo's sister, Leigh, called us at 6am to tell us that their new baby boy had finally arrived. She was also proud to announce that he's a redhead, just like her! Redheaded boys are just so cute, aren't they?


Henson Family Visit

A couple of weekends ago, Tanner's family came down for a few days. We had such a great time visiting & catching up! It was a packed weekend, with lots of good meals, shopping, and visiting sausage festivals and flower shows. The only problem was that it was too short! We're already looking forward to seeing everyone in May.
Everyone cracking up at one of Grandaddy's famous comments!

Trying to decide on what to order at one of our favorite "local" restaurant. It wasn't hard to decide on the fried pickles & okra....they're to die for!