Throw me something, Mister!

Mardi Gras is a HUGE deal down here, as it actually began in Mobile, AL (much to the disappointment of our New Orleans neighbors!). Parades start about 5 weeks before Fat Tuesday, and are enjoyed by all. We take our Mardi Gras revelry very seriously...schools are closed for days and businesses shut down for the holiday. We have multiple parades on Pleasure Island, including a Mardi Gras boat parade! We had a great time enjoying the Gulf Shores Parade this year. The weather was perfect and sunny and everyone turned out for the fun...from small children to our snowbird guests. It just goes to show that everyone loves a parade!

Our friend Leslie's Mardi Gras Crewe, The Pink Stilletos

Nothing says "Gulf Shores" like a big shrimp!

Bo sporting some of his beads...they look great with his madras shirt!



Thanks to Sarah Neil and Gelato Joe's, Tanner has been bitten by the "baking cupcakes" bug. Here are some pics of her first few attempts. They tasted great, but we did manage to have icing all over the house and ourselves!

Attempt #1...double chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Major mess, but quite tasty!

Attempt #2....nothing says "Super Bowl Sunday" or "football" like cupcakes with sprinkles, right?

Attempt #3.....The best result so far...although Bo mentioned that the icing looked like something Oscar would make in the yard! It sure didn't stop him from eating lots of them, though!

Maybe one day the cupcakes will look like this....but let's not hold our breath!


Port St. Joe Trip

February has gotten off to a fast-paced start. Early in the month, we headed to Port St. Joe, FL, and the scenic drive couldn't have been better! We drove through the coastal towns of Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Mexico Beach, Panama City, and more. It was a very productive trip, as we were able to meet with several of Tanner's gift stores and Bo got lots of great leads. But don't worry...we managed to "squeeze in" some fun, too, snapping pictures along the way.

The essence of the Good Life!

The view from the road was WAY better than looking at billboards!

Working hard while having lunch at Bud & Alley's in Seaside. They were so sweet to share their delicious chicken salad recipe with us....but we promised to keep the secret! Can't wait to try it at home!

Great new development in Cape San Blas. This is the clubhouse with gorgeous water views.