We're Here, Just Exhausted!

Well, we're back! It's been crazy around here, and we're gearing up for all the goings-on that are just around the corner.

What have we been up to? A week before Thanksgiving, our friend Sarah Neil arrived from TN. We spent the week playing, shopping, and mostly having fun, although there were a few hiccups (it is NOT fun to have a flat tire on the way to Dauphin Island!). Somehow, though, we managed to not take a single photo!

Sarah Neil rode back to TN with us for the Thanksgiving, where we were immediately busy trying to squeeze everything in to a few days. We had a wonderful meal with Tanner's family, saw our dear friend Trellis and her daughter Addie, visited a few friends in Pulaski, shopped in Nashville, and hung out with Bo's parents. We also stopped by to see the Henson family in Birmingham, who will be adding a new baby to the family this week!

We made it back home late Sunday night, exhausted but glad to be home. We now have to unpack, clean, decorate for Christmas, and get ready for all the hustle-and-bustle that is quickly headed our way!

bundled up against the arctic chill!

Bo, before his coffee pick-me-up. He was much happier after his caffeine fix!

Our Toycase

This was Hampton's birthday gift from Tanner's dad. He built one for Jack and one for Hamp, and they are the most wonderful storage pieces ever! We're using ours in Hampton's room for toys and little whatnots. Since there have been several comments of "I want one!", he's decided to sell them. We think they're going to be quite the hit!


Friday Photo


Play Time With Granddaddy

When we go play with Granddaddy, we get dressed up in our play clothes, because we know we'll be running around outside! Hampton has so much fun running around the yard, playing with the balls, getting pushed around in the wheelbarrow, swinging in the swing, picking bark off the trees and pulling up marigolds! Of course, he has his Granddaddy to entertain him if he were to get bored!



We read somewhere that when traveling with a toddler, you need 3 times as much stuff as you did when they were a baby. With that nugget of wisdom to scare us, we decided that we better get a head start on packing for our Thanksgiving trip to TN! So, far......we think they're right! Luckily, we have a little "helper" to get our bags out for us. From the looks of it, he's got the important stuff....a toy and a bag to put it in!


Weekend Update

This weekend was a fun one! Grannie came down for a long weekend, since the bank was closed for Veteran's Day. Hampton went to the zoo with Grannie & Grandpa while Tanner got some projects done around the house. We headed to Mobile for the Junior League's big Christmas Jubilee and stopped for a great lunch. We grilled out at Grannie & Grandpa's new house, where we played outside and got to see the first steps of remodeling. Sunday, Tanner worked the nursery for the first time at church and had lots of fun reading stories to the little ones. We finished up the weekend with our monthly Supper Club, which we always enjoy. Of course, we're hosting next month, so Tanner is already busy planning the menu and decorations!


Friday Photo


Who loves balloons?

This guy! Luckily, Publix gives us our balloon fix every time we head to the store!


Train Museum

While we were in Foley for the festival, we decided to check out the train museum. We'd never been before, and it's really neat! We climbed on the full-sized trains, rode the miniature train ride, and checked out the model train exhibit. There were tons of people there, so we're looking forward to going back when it's less crowded and really taking it all in.

The model train exhibit. There was even a Thomas train "riding the rails"!

photo op on one of the train cars

checking out something very intently on the train ride

2 cute boys on 1 big train!


Petting Zoo

One of the things we did at Heritage Harbor Days was visit the petting zoo. Hampton loves animals, and we're suckers for anything he likes, so of course we had to visit! He had a blast chasing the ducks, petting the baby goats, trying to poke out the bunny's eyes, and eating the animal food. Here are a few pictures that capture Hamp in action......

Chasing the ducks. Bless their hearts, they had nowhere to hide from Hamp's squeals!

petting the piglets

"Hi, Mr. Horsey! I think I'm going...to...just..."

"reach out and touch you!"


Weekend Update

This weekend, the weather was cold, but it didn't stop us from getting out and about! Foley had it's annual Heritage Harbor Days festival, and we went and had a lot of fun. Hampton really enjoyed himself, even though the weather was brisk! We also headed to the outlets to score some amazing deals, picked up some Christmas presents, headed down to The Wharf, and watched football. And the best news of all.....Grandpa came into town! He's going to be here awhile since he's doing some work on a property in the north part of the county. We're thrilled to have him here!

Foley Festival Fun (say that 3 times fast!)


Friday Photo

having fun at The Shrimp Basket


12-Month Checkup

This week was Hampton's 12-month checkup, and it was quite an adventure! First, we had to wait forever to see the doctor, making our routine visit a 2-hour experience. If you've ever had to entertain a toddler for that long, you know that's quite a task! Then, once we did get settled, Hampton had to have 3 shots. Boo! Hampton did get a great new book out of the experience, though, so it wasn't all bad. He is currently 25.5 pounds and 30 inches tall, which puts him in the 83rd and 78th percentiles, which is great. After dealing with 4 new teeth, 3 shots, and just exhaustion from the weekend, we're taking advantage of the rainy weather to recuperate!

enjoying some juice while waiting on the dreaded shots


Halloween Fun

Halloween night, we went with Grandpa & Grannie to Trunk-or-Treat and met up with our friends, the Robertsons. We had fun hanging out and watching all the little goblins running around, but we decided that the line for candy was WAAYYY too long! So instead, we headed back to their neighborhood to do a little trick-or-treating. Hampton had lots of fun walking up and talking to all the friendly people. There was the cutest little 2-year-old pirate that was amazed by Hamp's costume. He even came up and gave Hampton a kiss on the cheek! It was too cute. We had lots of fun and Hampton's first birthday turned out to be a blast!

Grannie & Grandpa helping Hamp get some candy

Hamptons's too cute treat bag

the girls and their boys

who needs a stroller when you have a Grandpa?


Picture Perfect Party......the decor

Well, the birthday party is over and it was a huge success! Hampton seemed to have lots of fun, even though he was busy cutting 4 (yes 4!) teeth. His little buddies had fun, too, as did the grownups. We had lots of yummy goodies to eat and fun just watching the babies bounce in Hampton's bounce house. We've already promised return trips to the kiddos to come bounce again anytime! Here are photos of the decorations....Tanner channeled her inner Martha Stewart and went to town with the glue sticks, craft paper, paint, scissors, and anything else she could get her hands on. Tomorrow, we'll post photos of the birthday boy. Enjoy!

picture collage of Hamp's first year
framed photos of the birthday boy

yummy pumpkin cookies

the cookie bucket of favors

Hampton's birthday outfit

welcome balloons

our entry wreath

bows on our exterior lights

cake-eating outfit

the smash cake....a giant cupcake

cupcakes, complete with toppers

birthday shout out on our chalkboard
His Royal Highness's birthday throne

even the water bottles were festive

the bar, decorated with polkadots and pompoms

tower of goodies

dessert table

entry table