Who Wants To See A Cute Little Boy??

This week has been a whirlwind without much time to post pictures of the little cutie. So today we thought we'd make up for it and just share a cute little picture with you that we snapped this week. We know we're biased, but he's just sooo cute! Have a great weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!


Happy Birthday!

Today is Tanner's 31st Birthday!

"This is your birthday song! It isn't very long!"


The Monogrammed Monkey

We interrupt this family blog for an important announcement. We're finally ready to introduce our newest venture....The Monogrammed Monkey. Many of you knew that Tanner & her mom were starting a little monogramming business, and it's finally ready! We're so excited to be able to share our fabric, monogramming, and applique obsession with others......especially since there's really nobody down here that does this!

We've been working very hard to get everything up and running, including creating our own blog, a page on Facebook, and more. Many, many thanks go to Tanner's sister-in-law Amy for all the encouragement and help. Please enjoy browsing the blog and check us out on Facebook, too!

our logo
a few of the things we've cooked up recently

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging........


Tuesday Travels

Yosemite National Park, California-----September 2003

After attending a trade show in Reno, NV, we had one extra day before our flight home. We decided that the best way to spend our time was to drive to Yosemite and back. Being strapped in a small car for HOURS around twisty-turvy roads made for very car-sick people. We weren't loving it at the time, but we're so glad that we got to go. We took some awesome photos, and we'd love to go back some day when we can fully explore all that the park has to offer.


Springtime Fun

This weekend the weather was in the 70s, so we took the opportunity to get out and play!

On Saturday, we headed to the 18th annual Seafood Festival in Orange Beach, which was full of people, craft booths, and tons of beautifully restored old cars. After checking out the sights, we headed to one of our favorite parks for a picnic lunch and to play on the huge playground. We spent time wandering around the fort-like park, swinging Hampton on the baby swing, and wandering down to the water, where there were several local artists painting the intracoastal canal. It was a great day, and we're sure it was the first of many more at that playground!


Dinnertime Fun

Hampton is really enjoying his high chair, especially on the dinner table! Since our table is big, we have plenty of room to sit it up on the table with us while we eat. It's fun having him with us, and he loves being able to see what's going on. He just talks and laughs and plays with whatever he can grab. It's never too early to start family meal time!


Throw Me Something, Mister!

It was too cold to go to the parades on Mardi Gras, but since Bo's office was closed for the celebrations, we decided to have fun anyway! We bundled Hampton up, ran some errands, and had a fun lunch date. When we got home, we decided to be in the party spirit, and got out some of our beads from previous parades. Hampton had a blast playing with them and looking at all the bright colors. We're hoping next year Hampton can enjoy a real parade, but we had a fun Mardi Gras anyway!


Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope everyone has a wonderful day today!


Weekend Update

This past weekend, Tanner's brother and his family came to visit from Birmingham. We had a great time shopping, eating waayy too much, and just hanging out! John, Bo, and Bob caught up on boy stuff, while the girls talked about the important things.....our cute babies! Plus, Amy is big into monogramming, too, so there was lots of discussion of the newest appliques and fabrics. Jack entertained us all, and we think he is going to LOVE it once Hamp is old enough to play with him! It was a great visit, and we're looking forward to our visit to Birmingham at the end of March!

John trying to get Jack to say "dude". It's so cute when he does it!


Tim Tebow (or lack thereof)

We all know what a huge Florida Gators fan Bo is. So when the star of their team came to Mobile for the Senior Bowl, Bo didn't want to pass up a chance to see him. Bo went to the team practice in Fairhope, where he got to see Tim Tebow in action. Then, a buddy of his decided that they should go to the "meet the players" event in Mobile. Bo thought it would be neat for Hampton to have an autograph from the year he was born, so the plan was hatched.

Bo and his friend arrived at 10am to make sure they got a good place in line before the doors opened at 3:30pm. They and hundreds of other fans waited in the "Tim Tebow Line" for hours, getting more excited to get the opportunity to meet him and grab his autograph. Until about 3:15, that is, at which point they found out that Tim wasn't coming!!! He had strep throat and didn't want to be sick for the game or to pass it on to the massive crowd. Totally understandable.

What was terrible, though, was that the Senior Bowl staff knew he wouldn't be there for hours before the event, but decided not to tell the crowd!!! So, the people waiting to see him not only missed Tim Tebow, but didn't get to see any of the other players, either, since you had to choose who you wanted to see. Bo said there were crying kids and VERY upset people there, since the crowds had started forming at around 4am! Bo took it all in stride, though, and was consoled by a yummy dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant. Hampton may not have that autographed football, but least Bo will have a funny story to tell about the autograph that almost was!

crowds waiting to see the famous Gator

Bo's snapshot from the Senior Bowl practice


Pet the Kitty

Hampton is mostly oblivious to our pets....until last week, that is. He had his first "Ike encounter", which was so funny! Ike was lounging on the bed, and Hampton was sitting with Bo. He decides to "pet" Ike with his fist, then he started pulling her fur. Ike's reaction? Purring like crazy! She loved it. We hope all future pet/baby interactions go as well!


3-Month Photo Shoot


High Chair Fun

Hampton loves to sit up and look at the world, so we decided it was time to get out his high chair and see what he thought. His chair isn't a traditional one, so it actually sits very low and straps on to any dining room chair you have. It reclines in several positions, too, so you can actually use it from day one. (We're mentioning this for all of you safety nuts out there!). Anyway, we got the chair out and put it directly on the floor, strapped Hamp in, and started playing. As you can see below, he LOVED it!!! We've used it several times now, and each time he gets so excited! So indulge us as we share waaayyy too many photos of him playing......



It was bound to happen at some point, but Hampton has been battling his 1st fever. He started running it Monday night, and ran one most of the day yesterday. We talked to our doctor, who told us not to worry, but we still did anyway! Mostly, Hamp has just been very flushed, and a tad bit cranky. He seems to be feeling much better today, and mommy & daddy are very relieved!

one exhausted little boy


Splish, Splash, I Was Taking A Bath

Hampton has finally outgrown the newborn insert in his baby tub, and we're now sitting up like a big boy! He had his first bath in the bathroom (usually we put his tub in the kitchen sink), and boy, was he excited! He had such fun kicking, splashing, and laughing, and we finally caught some photos of that adorable grin.


Happy 3-Month Birthday!

Sunday was Hampton's 3-month birthday. We can't believe how fast time is flying by, or how he's changing daily. It seems like everyday he has a new skill and finds new things interesting and fun.

Current Likes:
sleeping through the night
putting things in his mouth
"standing up"
going on walks in the stroller

Current Dislikes:

changing clothes multiple times

not being fed as soon as he decides he's hungry

when his swing batteries die

getting out of the bathtub

not being able to see what's going on