Week In Review

Our first week of fall was a full one! Here are some of the highs (and a low) of the week:

We bought a car
Hampton went to the fair with Grandi & Granddaddy
Tanner came down with the virus that's been going around our family
We got to have dinner with Mrs. Carolyn & TomTom, our good friends from TN
Bo taught 1st & 2nd graders Wed night
Bo has been treated like royalty his last week at Metal Roofing Center


Car Hopping

For us "car fever" is like a real want to get over it as quickly as possible & all you can think about is all the other stuff you'd rather be doing. But unfortunately, our 1997 SUV decided it was finished, so we really had no choice!

We've spent the better part of a week looking at every car under the sun. We now know more about third row seats than most auto manufacturers!

We're happy to say that after an exhausting multi-state search, several late nights, and one very painful check later, we found the best one for us now & hopefully for years to come. And that's important, because we'll be keeping this one as long the previous one!

We had to share the photo of Harrison playing in one of the cars, as well as the awesome his & hers party wagons we found. It's such a shame we didn't have unlimited funds, because we'd have snapped those babies up in a flash! Hahaha!


The Ghost Ship Returns

One of the first posts we ever shared on our blog was about the Ghost Ship.  An old shipwreck, it appears after big storms, when the sands covering it are swept back out to sea. The last time it appeared was in 2008, but after Hurricane Isaac, it showed back we had to go see it again! We told Hampton it was a pirate ship (not true, but a fun little boy story), and so he was excited to see it. He was even more excited to run around the beach & play in the waves. It was fun to take the boys to see a special treasure from the past, and we're looking forward to the Ghost Ship's next return!



It's beautiful here today, so we headed to the train museum in Foley. We played outside in the park, watched the model trains, and Hamp even got to make the train whistle blow...major big deal for a 2 year old!


Good News!

We went to Atlanta over the weekend without the boys. It was a fun couples' weekend, but we were actually there for a job interview. Bo stumbled upon a job opportunity that just seemed too good to be true. Well, 3 interviews and a trip to the ATL later, we're thrilled to say that he got the job!

Now, we aren't moving anywhere! Bo's new territory is actually the same sales territory he has now. He'll just be with a large national company that sells aluminum to military, aerospace, medical & marine companies. Bo's big account will be Austal, if that means anything to you!

We are so excited at this big jump for Bo and all the benefits it will bring our way. (Better, cheaper health insurance? Yes, please!) We also love that we got a weekend away out if the deal! We ate well, slept in, shopped a bit, and visited with Tanner's cousin Ben, who will be joining us here in only a week. We did have one minor hiccup with our hotel room, but overall it was definitely one of the best weekends we've had in a while!


The Week

This week has been THE week. You know, the one that you can't wait to end because not much goes right. Both boys are still sick, over a week later. Cranky, tired, miserable....and that's just how mommy feels! Ha!

Not much else has been accomplished with two sick babies at home this week, which has also been stressful. But, the children are job #1. Tanner came across this quote, and it really couldn't be more true. We're just trying to keep it all in perspective this week, and hopefully our weekend getaway will give the littles a chance to get better and the parents a chance to recharge!



Forgotten Photos

 We were looking back through some of our summer photos, and we came across some that we didn't post for you to see! We scanned over the blog, and couldn't find them, so we thought we'd share them now. If you've seen them before, that's ok...they're cute enough to see twice! haha

For more photos from the summer, check out our facebook album here. There may be more you haven't seen before!


Going Viral

After picking Hampton up from Mom's Day Out on Wednesday, he was running a fever & coughing. We watched him on Thursday, and when both boys were running a fever on Friday, we headed to the Doctor. They said it was just something viral, and didn't prescribe any medicine, but since they both still feel bad today, we wish they would have! If they're still sick tomorrow, it's back to the Doctor we go. As you can imagine, we are praying that they are much better in the morning.....Doctor's visits are no fun with 2 cranky littles in tow!


Week in Review

This week we:
Went to the beach
Rode a carousel for the 1st time
Went to the zoo w/ P&J
Started back Wed night church services
Harry stood on his own for the 1st time
Had dinner out with Bob & Randi
Hampton got sick & still is...we're headed to the Doctor in just a bit
Had a Labor Day brunch with Tanner's cousin Ben & found out that he's moving here.... Hooray!!!!


Football Time!

The start of college football around our house is a MAJOR cause for celebration, and so we did! We had our own little football party to celebrate the arrival. Now, we're not "those families", so you won't see us talking smack, saying "we" won (only the players win), or dressing up like we play on a team. You will see us rooting all season long for just about everyone (with a few minor exceptions, but they're northern so they don't really matter).

So, from our family to yours, GO FOOTBALL!


Hampton's First Day

After much discussion & tears from Mommy, we decided to enroll Hampton in Mom's Day Out this year. It's at our church, and we have been receiving lots of encouragement to try it from friends & the school staff. However, we don't like some of the stories we've heard about other programs (not ours & not locally), so we've been extremely hesitant to send him. He is still a baby, after all! We do realize that he needs some time to play with other kids his age, though, so we went for it. We (ok, Tanner) did make sure that we could pull him out if we didn't like it!

Apparently, all our worrying was for nothing. Today was Hamp's 2nd day, and he LOVES it! He's been asking a million times a day when he got to go back to school & play with his friends. It's SOO cute! His teacher has told us several times how much she just thinks he's the cutest & such a ham. That's our boy!

Here's some photos of our first morning. We love to make every occassion a celebration, and this was no exception. He had a big boy breakfast, got a big boy "surprise", had a banner, and we took tons of photos (again, this is us we're talking about!).


Happy Labor Day!

Although we're a little sad to see summer go, we're looking forward to our favorite season of all....FALL!

We hope everyone has a fabulous holiday today!