Sir Mix-A-Lot

Of paint, that is! Bo had his hands full this weekend when the painting project of our master bedroom became a bit more than he bargained for!

When we painted the nursery, we discovered that our walls were soaking up the paint very fast. Luckily, we didn't run out of paint, but we came very close. We realized that this might be a problem for our master bedroom, too, so we decided to take some precautions. We figured if we primed the walls first, the whole project would probably take 1/2 a day. Not so......

Saturday morning started with Bo using Kilz to coat the walls, hoping that the primer would make a barrier for the paint. The walls soaked up a whole gallon of Kilz, which meant we had to go get more primer. After finishing with the new primer, we started with the top coat. At 1am Sunday morning, Bo finally had to stop painting when he ran out of the gallon of paint we had! The walls had sucked up not only the primer, but the paint, too! So, early Sunday morning, we treated ourselves to breakfast before heading to Lowe's to pick up a 2nd gallon of our wall paint.

We finally got the room done, though, and it looks great. However, it will definitely be awhile before we tackle painting the master bathroom!


Weekend Warriors

This week has been a wild one for Bo, since his business has really picked up. He's spending so much time in MS that they may give him a temporary tag! Tanner has been busy at home, too, running errands, baking, sending moving announcements (a MAJOR project), and squeezing in a lunch with friends.

There's no rest this weekend, though, since we're going to turn back in to weekend warriors! The goal is to paint the master bedroom, hang MORE curtains, and do all the other things that Bo won't let Tanner do by herself! Hopefully, we'll be able to get out and enjoy the cooler weather, too, and not work ALL weekend. You know what they say about "all work and no play", and we don't want to become dull, now do we?


Our Living Room

Welcome to our Living Room! We are really happy with the layout and the way it turned out. So, without further ado, here's the "grand tour"......

View of living area from our dining area.

View of the left side of our living area. Our sectional couch is in the foreground, then we have our large curio cabinet filled with Tanner's pitcher collection.

Photography flanking the curio. We are really proud of these pictures, since Bo took them all!

The view just to the left of the curio. We've set it up as our bar area, and as you can see, also Oscar's lounging area (yes, he's alive, just snoozing as usual!). You can see the tile flooring that we had installed, and we think it coordinates perfectly with our furniture and wall paint.

The right side of our living room. We have our collection of cookbooks in the bookcase, and we keep the basket filled with throw blankets for TV time!


Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Bob & Randi.....the insanity started 37 years ago today!


Oh, Atlanta...

We had an awesome weekend in Atlanta! The weather was crisp and cool, feeling like the first hint of fall. It was perfect for wandering around and taking in the sights!

We left early Friday morning and made our way to Atlanta, arriving just before rush hour. We got checked in at he hotel, then later met up with Bob & Randi (who also came up for the weekend) for Bob's birthday dinner at Maggiano's. The food was awesome as usual, but our eyes were WAY bigger than our stomachs! Afterwards, we walked off dinner at the mall and then headed to Barnes & Noble before heading back to the hotel to crash.

On Saturday, we got up early & headed north of Atlanta to Dawsonville, GA, to check out some of the best outlets around. We got some awesome deals at Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, and wrapped up our shopping before all the crowds arrived! We headed back to Buckhead to check out some of the cute stores in the area before meeting up with Tanner's parents for dinner at the OK Cafe, an Atlanta institution. Afterwards, we all headed to Ikea for home decorating inspiration!

On Sunday, we headed to Einstein's to stock up on bagels before heading home. We stopped by a couple of shops in Vinings on the way home, and then it was back to the beach! It was a great last trip before Baby H arrives filled with great memories. We're already looking forward to taking him there for another getaway weekend!

Bob's dessert plate from Maggiano's. He was just happy they didn't sing to him!

A very un-shy hawk in Buckhead.


Have Kitchen, Will Travel

Okay, okay....we FINALLY have photos of something besides our overflowing bathtub to show you! Welcome to our kitchen. We really love the white cabinets and the tons of storage that comes with them! Between the spacious pantry and all the cabinetry, everything we have fits. Well, except for the missing pots & pans, but when they show up, they'll fit, too! The bar is great for stools and adds extra seating to the the dining area, which is just to the right of this photo. (You don't get to see photos of it until the drapes and decor are hung!)

We still want to change out all of the hardware, but that's not a big project. We're planning on looking for something this weekend in Atlanta. We're headed out first thing tomorrow morning for a long weekend in the ATL as our last getaway before the baby arrives. The doctor has said no traveling as of September 1, so we've pushed it to the last minute! We're really looking forward to the getaway and lots of shopping, eating, and stocking up on Einstein Bros. Bagels!


Weekend Update

It wasn't all work and no play this weekend, since we made sure to take a few breaks from our list of projects.

We started off with a breakfast picnic at the beach, and it couldn't have been nicer weather. There weren't too many people sharing the beach, since most of the tourists have left for the season. The only interactions we had were with the laughing gulls that kept a polite but watchful distance from our food! Once we were good and relaxed, we headed out to pick up a few things needed for the weekend.......and a few others that we didn't, like scooping up a few killer deals at The Children's Place! Then, we headed to work.

Bo tackled most of the big projects, like mowing the yard and painting the nursery, while Tanner took on the time-consuming task of the master closet. It took Bo most of the weekend to paint the nursery, and Tanner is still not done with the closet, but almost! The nursery looks adorable, especially with the bedding on the crib, but we're waiting to hang pictures and the curtain before we show it off. As for the closet, the new level of organization is awesome! We were sort of worried about sharing a closet, as we both have WAY to many clothes. However, between adding lots of closet shelving and weeding out tons of clothes to sell or donate, we have the perfect amount of space!

view from our beach picnic

tub full of nothing but discarded coat hangers.....anyone need some?


Sew Busy

We've been up to a lot these past couple of weeks! First, Tanner passed her 3-hour glucose test, which means no gestational diabetes! Such good news since she failed the first test and the 2nd test was NO FUN at all. Bo has been burning up the roads meeting with builders from MS to FL. We've also lunched with friends, shopped 'til we dropped during tax-free weekend, and Baby H has gotten some great gifts!

One of the most fun things of the past 2 weeks was the sewing class that Tanner & Randi took. In just 3 hours, we learned how to make jon jons. We made this cutie-pie outfit......not bad for our first try! We came home and monogrammed it, since we learned how to do that in our last class! The only bad thing is that the smallest size for the pattern is sized for 12 months. Which just means that we'll have plenty of time to perfect the pattern and stock up on new applique & monogram designs!

This weekend we're planning to paint the baby's room and hang all the curtains, pictures, and other items that will complete most of the rooms. Once we do this, we can finally share photos with you. Wish us luck!


Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?

With this move, several things are now officially M.I.A. Where is Ike's hairbrush? Where is our printer cable? Where are our covered pots and pans? It's so funny how bad you need something when you can't find it!

Most of the house is unpacked now, which means that there are 2 places that these items could be lurking.....the garage or our master closet. The garage is mostly organized, even though it's packed to the gills with yard sale items. In the house, the closet is where the boxes are making their last stand. We're waiting on Paul to come help us install new shelving, but he's not coming until Labor Day! So, Ike will have to wait for her grooming, we'll just keep saving all the items that we want to print, and Tanner will use the missing cookware as an excuse not to cook!


We're Heeeerrrree!!!

We've finally moved into our new house and are now surrounded by our various stages of unpackedness! We haven't even had a home-cooked meal yet since we don't know where all of our food or dishes are (and we all know how many dishes Tanner has!).

As soon as we can find a spot to sit down & update the blog, we'll bore you to tears with photos of our new place. So far, though, we're absolutely loving the house and all of our extremely friendly neighbors!