School's Out For The Summer (again)

Yesterday was the boys' last day of summer Mom's Day Out. Their theme was "Under The Sea", and now Hampton is more obsessed with sharks & lion fish than ever! It was also a bittersweet day, being the last day with 2 of our most beloved teachers....Ms. Lisa & Ms. Amy. Lisa said Hampton sat in her lap & cried, begging her not to leave! Which made his mama cry, too, of course! 

On the bright side, it's only 3 weeks until school starts back. And we are planning on packing these weeks full of fun summer activities! 


Train Museum

Today the weather was a little cooker than usual, so we took Grandi up in her invitation to go to the train museum. The boys had a blast as always...watching the model trains, playing on the "broken down train", and riding maybe the longest mini train ride to date! We wrapped up the fun with a trip to ChickFilA & lots of time playing in the play place. What a fun morning!



Hayden Kate's hair has started to get really long, especially on the top. When she was a newborn, the hair on the back & sides of her head fell out, but the top remained. Tanner thinks it was because God wanted to make sure she could have a bow! Hence, we give you the BowHawk. It looks a little wild after bath time, but it's doing it's job & holding bows just fine! 


We Did It!!

Well, we survived VBS! It was a great week, and all the kids seemed to love it! We made some new friends, wore ourselves out, and gained a new respect for 6th grade teachers! Ha! 

We're looking forward to tomorrow night, when we get to celebrate the end of VBS with a picnic at church. It will be fun to have a chance to chat with all of our new & old friends while the littles run wild on a fenced in playground!


VBS So Far

We have 2 days of VBS under our belts, and so far it's going great! Yesterday we had a curveball thrown at us with Hampton waking up sick, but luckily Bo was able to stay home while Tanner took the other two with her. 

We had 135 the first day & 140 today. Tanner's sixth grade class has come around to thinking that VBS may actually be a little bit cool. Maybe. Hahaha!!

Hampton loved his first day of being in a real class....he's been waiting for this day ever since his first experience with being in the VBS nursery when he was only 7 months old! Here he is with his buddy Dylan, who lives down the street from us.


Zoo Trip

This week has been so wild! We thought it might be somewhat calm, but we were wrong! We did have some fun amongst the chaos this week, including a trip to the zoo. It was HK's first trip while awake, and she took full advantage of it! They even got to visit a special petting zoo filled with goats, a Flemish rabbit, "fancy chickens" (whatever that means), and two geese that you couldn't touch. Which makes an odd choice for a petting zoo, but whatever! The kids had a great time as always, and we'll be back again soon!


Weekend Update

This weekend was a busy one! We had lots of fun stuff going on. Here's a quick recap:

Sleepover at Paul & Jan's 
Birthday party for Hamp's school friend
Friday night filled with errands (hey, we know how to party!)
Manned the VBS registration table on Sunday
Celebrated Grandpa's birthday 
Took beach portraits

It was a fun weekend before the busy week ahead. We're gearing up this week for our last week of "swim Blessins" and VBS prep. Should be another wild, whirlwind week!


What A Week!!

Was the 4th just last week? It seems like an eternity since then! It's probably because we've run so much this week. We've had school, Bible Study, lunch out with Grandi, a park picnic, Bo's NoLa day, appointments, a few quick shopping trips, swim lessons every night, a trip to Paul & Jan's, and a few more drive-thru dinners than we care to admit! As you can tell by 2 of the photos below, our babies are worn slap out! 


Carting Cuteness

On Monday, Hayden Kate had her first big girl shopping cart adventure. Until now, she's been in her car seat down in the buggy. She did great up on the seat, and really enjoyed the little toys that came with her cover. She did get a little over zealous with chewing on things, though, since Tanner had to wrangle the car keys out of her mouth....yuck! 


Park Picnic

Hampton has swim lessons this week, and they are held right beside the GS playground. Last night, Bo took Harrison to the playground while Hamp swam & HK looked on. After swim lessons, we all headed to the picnic pavilion for a picnic dinner & more playtime. Hayden Kate swang in a park swing for the first time, and the boys had a blast running & jumping into the new piles of much that had just been put down. We might have played all night, but the bugs started attacking, so we took that as our sign to go!


July 4th Weekend

We're back from a wonderful holiday weekend! Tanner's brother & his family came to visit, and we ran & played to exhaustion every day. It was great! They have 2 boys & a girl, too, so our boys were in heaven with playmates. We played outside, shopped, ate way too much, went to the beach, visited the Naval Air Museum, and watched fireworks two nights in a row. Here are some photos from the weekend...enjoy!


Happy July 4th!

We hope everyone had as much fun as these cousins have been having today! 


Playroom Peek

Here's a sneak peek of the newly opened play room. We still have several things left to do, but it's done enough to play in...and that's what matters!


Independence Day Parade

Today was the July 4th Parade at MDO. All the kiddos were asked to wear red, white, and blue, and they made shakers & streamers to parade around the church & school. Hampton was excited because he got to lead his class around, and one of our friends snapped this pic of him. Harrison didn't quite know to think...we have a video clip of him looking slightly confused at all that was going on! We'd share it, but sadly we can't figure out how to upload it! Anyway, it was a cute, fun way to kick off the long holiday weekend! 


Oh, Harrison

Harrison thought that sister's bouncer looked too fun to pass up. So when we weren't looking, he climbed in to see for himself. We don't think he liked it nearly as much as he thought he would. He had to be rescued from it, and he hasn't tried to get back in since!