Week In Review

This week we packed lots of fun into our summer. Here's a few of the things we did:

Hamp got a day out with Granddaddy 
We played outside in the sprinkler
We watched Cars 2 way too many times
We played on the town rugs for hours
We enjoyed a special treat...the boys' first Sonic slushie!


The Fountains

At the end of our road, there's a shopping center with a great play fountain area. It's rarely crowded, but it's a fun place to come and play. We headed down there last week to take the boys to play, and they had a blast. It was Harrison's first time to get to play in the water, and once he figured it out he really enjoyed himself. Hampton had a wonderful time, of course! Since now he mentions it every time we pass the plaza, we're sure to be back several more times over the summer!


Memorial Day Weekend Recap

This weekend was a blast! We always pack as much as possible into holiday weekends, and this one was no exception. Here's a few of the fun things the boys got to do....
played at the park
spent 2 nights with Paul & Jan
visited the zoo
had a cookout with both sets of Grandparents
played on our waterslide
headed to the beach
went out for an ice cream dinner
Here are a few photos from the weekend. To see more, check out our Facebook album HERE.



Happy Belated Memorial Day!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with good food, good company, and good memories. And many, many thanks to all our servicemen and women, past and present, who make the freedom of celebrating possible!


One More Pic....

For those of you that didn't see this on Facebook, this is how we celebrated Bo's birthday in Orlando. With his birthday being Cinco de Mayo, we make it a point to eat the yummy Mexican in full celebration. This year was no exception, and the restaurant was fabulous. It was authentic, fresh, and the staff was more than excited to celebrate with us. They sang, they treated us to a yummy dessert, and they let Bo wear the sombrero the whole time. (Honestly, it was hard prying it off of his head when we left!). We all enjoyed Bo's birthday how do we top it for next year?


Disney Day 2

Our 2nd day at Disney was just our little family, and we were determined to see some of the things we didn't do the first day & repeat our faves. We rode lots of rides...Hampton is obsessed with the Jungle Cruise, so that was a repeat, as was the Enchanted Tiki Hut, the train, and the racecars. We also rode It's A Small World a couple of times, which just mesmerizes all of us...the boys think it's awesome,  and we think someone should have had their glue gun taken away from them.
We loved getting to ride the Little Mermaid again now that it's officially open, along with checking out all the new stuff in Fantasyland. We stayed late that night, riding fun rides and going to a Dance Party with Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale, and Stitch. We ended with the night time electrical parade, which both boys loved. It was a great, magical trip, and we know we'll be back soon....especially since Hampton is already asking to go back. As much as our boys love it, we see Disney in our future for years to come!


Disney Day 1

We went to Disney twice during our long birthday weekend. The first day, we went with Bo's mom, who drove up from Boca Raton. Unfortunately, Grandpa Andy was sick, so he didn't get to make the trip, but we were thrilled that we got to hang out with Boba for a few days.
It was raining when we got to the Magic Kingdom, which we weren't thrilled about, but it was just a fine rain, we packed up the raincoats and went with it. Luckily, it only rained for just a little while and cleared up to be a beautiful day.  
Somehow we were there all day, yet didn't accomplish much! We rode a few rides, wandered around, ate a bit, watched some parades & shows, and that was it! Life just doesn't move too fast when you have 2 littles, and we were all ok with that. Hampton LOVED the racecars, and he and Bo got in several rides while Harrison napped.
It was a great day, with great memories! Here are a few of our faves from the day...


The Crewe of 3s Mardi Gras Parade

A friend from Mom's Day Out just sent us these photos of Hampton's school Mardi Gras parade, so we wanted to share, even though they're a bit belated. At school, it's only the 3 year olds who parade (they call themselves the Crewe of 3s), and all the other little ones get to catch beads. Hampton's class made buckets just for the occasion, and they all had a big time! This coming year, Hampton's class will be parading, and we'll be sure to get LOTS of pics of that!


The Hangout Beach, Music & Arts Festival

This weekend was Bo's favorite weekend of the year....The Hangout Music Fest. In case you're not familiar with it, thousands upon thousands of people flood Gulf Shores for 3 days of music right on the beach. It's filled with tons of bands...people you've heard of (like the Stevie Wonder concert shown above) and others that maybe you haven't (like Shovels & Rope).

Anyway, after much anticipation, the festival arrived. Bo spent most of the weekend at the beach with all the other festies, and Tanner joined him for small windows (she prefers the heat & hippies in small doses). The boys spent the weekend being entertained by the Grandparents, so much so that when it was time to come home, Hampton didn't want to leave! So here's to another great year at The Hangout, and Bo is already counting down to the reveal of the 2014 lineup!


Friday Photo

These are 2 crazy monkeys, but oh how we adore them!


School's Out For The Summer!

Today is Hampton's last day of Mom's Day Out. We can't believe he's finished his first year of "school"! It's been a big adjustment for him & us, but he has had lots of fun with his little classmates, and we all fell in love with his teacher.

We're looking forward to lots of fun this summer, starting with a pizza party tonight. We have to do lots of summer celebrating, because school will start back up again before we know it!


Buckets Of Fun

Oh, Harrison....that baby will attempt anything with an edge of danger to it!


Mothers Day Recap

Originally, our Mothers Day plans were to go camping with 8 other couples from our Sunday School class. We had out spots reserved & everything, but Mother Nature had other plans. With the rain moving in, we all decided on Thursday to reschedule. That meant we suddenly had free time!

The boys went to P&J's for the weekend until we all met up on Sunday for lunch at one of our fave locals-only waterfront places. The weather was great & we had lots of fun celebrating with both sets of our parents.

We also got to FaceTime with Susie & Andy, so that was great, too! So even though our original plans were washed out, the day turned out great!


We're Back!

We made it back from WDW! We had a great time, and even though Hampton didn't want to come home, it was time to let reality settle in & tackle the massive laundry piles we accumulated!

We'll post more photos when we find the camera, but here's one we snapped at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney. Hamp loved checking out the Lego statues!

We're Off!

We're all packed up and headed to the happiest place on earth! We'll be taking a blog break until we get home from Disney. But don't worry...we'll take more than enough photos to make up for our absence!

Here's a little pic of H2...what trip isn't more fun with a friend?


We're Finished!!

After yesterday's follow up surgeon appointment, we are happy to report that we are FINISHED with all of the drama that went with Harrison's burns. As you can see, Harry doesn't seem to care one way or another, but we are overjoyed to be done with bandages, Doctors, driving an hour each way, and leaving our house before 7am to make it to our appointments!