Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We hope everyone has fun in the sun this holiday weekend!
Take a moment to remember our veterans....we're so grateful that they sacrifice for us!


Weekend Update

We haven't been able to update the blog this week, as we've got our hands full at home! Tanner pulled a muscle in her back at the first of the week, and she's been in the bed ever since. That means that Bo is playing Mr. Mom while working from home. We've had to cancel playdates, change some plans, and rope in Grandi for some extra help. We're not really having that much fun, but hopefully, Tanner will be better soon!

So, now we'll recap last weekend as this weekend starts! Tanner's Uncle Richard and Aunt Liz were vacationing in Pensacola last week, so we headed over on Friday night to have dinner with them at Tre Fratelli, a great little Italian restaurant downtown. Saturday we spent time running errands and picking up more herbs and veggies for our vegetable garden. We wrapped up the weekend with dinner on the patio and a trip to the pool. It was a wonderful low-key weekend, even though we didn't do too much!

the family at Tre Fratelli


Friday Photo


Radio Flyer

Hampton has a new red wagon, and let us just say, this isn't any Radio Flyer like we had growing up. This is one tricked out wagon! It has cup holders, seat belts, back rests, a basket for bags & gear, and even a canopy to keep him out of the sun. That will probably be the most useful part, as our pediatrician thinks we need to buy stock in sunscreen for him!

He's been around the neighborhood in it, and he likes to lay back and relax while taking in the sights. We know we're going to get great use out of it going back and forth to the pool this summer, not to mention taking it to the beach! Now we just need to find some wagon spinners and we'll be all set.......


The Hangout Music Fest

As we mentioned yesterday, this weekend was The Hangout Beach, Music, and Arts Festival. As we all know, Bo is obsessed with music, and this weekend was jam-packed full of his favorite artists. Tickets to the event were supposed to be his birthday gift, but thanks to one of our friends, Bo was able to score free last-minute tickets to the concerts. Free makes everything more fun!

Bo was able to see some of his favorite bands, including Ben Harper, Guster, Rodrigo y Gabriela (who he said was the best concert there and Tanner is COMPLETELY jealous!), and his new favorite, Michael Franti & Spearhead. Bo had a great time hanging out with his buddy Wayne, watching the other concert-goers, making lots of new friends, and just experiencing a major concert festival. It's was so great for him to be able to go to a Bonnaroo-style concert and be able to come home at night. Sometimes it pays to live 5 miles from the beach!

Bo, looking like the crazed fan that he is!

Ben Harper, one of Bo's all-time favorite artists.

The main beach in Gulf Shores, turned into a major festival venue...complete with ferris wheel!

Cute sand sculpture for the event.


Weekend Update

This past weekend was quite fun and involved many late nights!

We spent late Thursday night into Friday morning catching up with some old friends from TN who were down on vacation. We went and hung out with them at their condo, and we didn't get home until 1:30am! We were completely exhausted, but we had a wonderful time catching up with Sarah, Jeremy, and their crew!

Friday night was our standing dinner date with Grandi & Grandaddy, so we headed to our favorite out-of-the-way pizza parlor. The weather was awesome, and we sat out on the back deck, and enjoyed the coastal breezes blowing in from across the street.

On Saturday, Bo got our new vegetable garden started while Tanner & Hampton made a quick trip to the Eastern Shore to return a few items. Saturday night, Bo headed to The Hangout for the music festival (more on that later) while Tanner & Hamp snuggled up to watch a movie. Sunday was very rainy early, but cleared up in the afternoon for Bo to get more of his music fix.

It was another busy, busy weekend, but a good time was had by all. Of course, it will probably be the weekend again before we've caught up on our sleep!

dancing on the table at Lillian's


Friday Photo

Dining al fresco is fun!


6 Month Photos

For Hampton's 6-month birthday, we wanted photos taken to capture him at this age. We are so thrilled with how they turned out! Hampton was happy to pose for the camera, and we ended up with many great ones to choose from. Below are some of our favorites...enjoy!


Mother's Day Recap

After a fun few days of running & sight-seeing, we spent a lazy day on Mother's Day. We enjoyed a delicious brunch with Tanner's parents, then later we headed to the beach. We had so much fun...especially Hampton! He loved watching the birds, playing with the sand, and putting his feet in the water with the help of Bo.

Thanks to everyone for making Tanner's first Mother's Day a wonderful one. It was filled with sweet messages, cards, and gifts from family and friends.....especially her super-cute t-shirt from Aunt Linda & Aunt Renee. She enjoyed getting to wear it while Hampton peed all over her! :)


Weekend Update

This weekend, we were headed to Tallahassee to visit Bo's mom and sister, but plans changed at the last minute due to Susie breaking her elbow on Thursday. She's doing okay, but the doctors didn't want her traveling, so we had to cancel our trip. So instead, we headed to Seaside, FL.

The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed browsing the shops, eating at Bud & Alley's, and taking in the views along scenic 30-A. Seaside was hosting the annual ArtsQuest festival, so we checked out the various artist booths and admired the beautiful local art. We also visited Destin, where we picked up a few awesome deals at the Outlet mall.

It was our first trip with just us & Hampton, and we had a wonderful time together as our little family. What a great start to the holiday weekend!

2 cute boys!

a tiny sampling of the many booths at ArtsQuest

the picturesque Seaside Post Office

having too much fun at lunch


Happy Mother's Day!

We wish everyone a wonderful Mother's Day!


6-Month Birthday

Time goes by so fast around here, that it's hard to believe that Hampton is now 6 months old! He's so active and his little personality shows more and more each day. He loves everything and everyone....he only gets mad when he feels ignored! These have been the best 6 months of our lives, and we are looking forward to all the new things that are just around the corner.

Current Likes:

his johnny jump up
playing with his food
remote controls and cellphones
grabbing Tanner's hair

Current Dislikes:

not being able to go headfirst into the bathtub
having the remote taken out of his mouth
when the cat leaves his sight
long naps


Birthday Recap

We had a very fun day celebrating Bo's birthday yesterday. We were able to squeeze in a little fiesta in the form of a Mexican lunch during work, then after Bo got home, we headed to The Wharf for dinner. We've wanted to try Guy Harvey's Island Grill for awhile, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet, so Bo's bday was the perfect opportunity. It definitely did not disappoint! It's located right on the water, and the food was even better than the view. After dinner, we browsed the shops at The Wharf and just enjoyed the warm weather. It was a great start to Bo's 31st year!

Hampton being festive in his Cinco de Mayo bib

Hampton, Grandi, and Granddaddy posing in front of the yachts.
We were glad we weren't out there cleaning them with the busy crew!

the Birthday Boy getting his Mexican fix

Granddaddy acting "fowl" while entertaining Hampton


Feliz Cumpleanos

Today is a national holiday not because of Cinco de Mayo, but because it's Bo's Birthday! In honor of the birthday boy, please celebrate today with good food and fun. Enjoy our combined fiesta that is Cinco de Ma-BO!


Happy Birthday, Sarah Neil!

Today is our dear friend Sarah Neil Webb's birthday. Tanner & Sarah Neil have been friends since elementary school and we really miss seeing her. We hope you have a great birthday SN!

having fun in St. Maarten, 2007


Weekend Update

This weekend we had ugly weather but good company! We caught up on Friday night with Grandi & Granddaddy at our favorite Mexican joint. On Saturday, Grandma & Grandpa came to visit, and we were able to celebrate Bo's upcoming birthday a little early. We headed to FL for a little sightseeing & shopping, then we were off to Pensacola Beach for a great lunch on the water at Hemingway's. They got to see Hampton in full Johnny Jump Up mode, and he was as entertaining as The Derby! Time went way too fast as weekends always do, but luckily we'll get to visit them again soon!