Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend we.......
started the weekend right with Bo coming home early Friday
played with Grannie & Grandpa's new kitten
enjoyed grilling out with all the sides
played in Hampton's shark pool
watched entirely too much Barney
went to the beach
tried out our new Krispy Kreme...yummy!
visited with Tanner's cousin Ben
enjoyed relaxing

We hope everyone else had a great weekend, too!


Other Vacation Highlights

Because Myrtle Beach is over 12 hours away from Gulf Shores, we decided to break our trip up into a few stages. We thought it would make us a much happier traveling family, since a cranky Mommy and an active toddler don't mix well with long car rides! So, we headed to Charleston first. It was on the way and we'd never been there before, so we thought it made an excellent stop-over point. We got to see the historic downtown, including the famous Rainbow Row, and really enjoyed the sites and the leisurely drive from there to Myrtle Beach.

As we came home, we met up with Bob & Randi for a couple of days in Atlanta. We hit up some of our favorite shopping & dining spots, including a stop at Ikea for some must-haves (like their cinnamon rolls....yummy!). We were thrilled with our great buys, but Hampton was much more interested in the "little boy" that lived in the mirrored closet door of our hotel room. He entertained himself the whole time running back & forth and squealing at himself in the mirror. We're sure the people below us LOVED that!

What a cutie (if we do say so ourselves)!

Hampton having way too much fun on the playground.

This was our favorite part of MB.....we could've stayed all night!

Broadway at the Beach, an awesome shopping/dining complex in Myrtle Beach

Rainbow Row in Charleston


South Carolina....Beach and Pool Pics

Unfortunately, the ocean and the awesome pools (including lazy river....love!) were ICE COLD!! That discouraged us from enjoying them, but didn't stop Hampton from loving the kiddie pool. It was a perfect size for him and had fun fountains in the center. He also had a blast at the beach. We chose not to head to the downtown public beach, but instead took advantage of the state park passes we were given. What a nice park! Great areas for picnics, a nice pier, and not too many people. Of course, Hampton wanted to run, so Bo and Grandpa got to get a nice tour of the beach while chasing him! Tanner mentioned that we might have to go get them in North Carolina, but they did come back eventually. At least he had fun, managed to stay dry, and didn't run into the ocean!


South Carolina.....Family Photos

We went to Myrtle Beach, SC, to meet up with Bo's parents, step-parents, and sister's family. It had been awhile since we'd all been together, but everyone always picks back up like no time has passed. Our nephew, Ben, is only 6 months older than Hampton, so we were looking forward to letting them play together. However, these 2 redheads couldn't be more different! It was funny to watch them....Ben wanted nothing more than to sit & play with Hampton, but Hamp wanted nothing more than to run & explore. Our child is a mile a minute! Fun was had by all, though, and we look forward to seeing everyone again as soon as we can.


We're Back......well, sort of!

Don't worry.....we did make it back from vacation! We've just had our hands full with stuff since we've been back, which meant no blogging. Wonder what's been going on since we got back? Here's a little rundown...

We've been on walks with friends.
We attended a pool-party cookout that surprised us with windy weather and ice-cold water!
We had an ER experience with Hampton that didn't end until 3:30am. He's fine now, but we hope to never recreate that adventure!
We got to visit with Tanner's cousin Becky and her boyfriend while they were down.
Bo hung out with all the hippies during The Hangout Music Festival, while Hampton & Tanner hung out at home.
We've been to the doctor's office to check the baby's heartbeat. All is well and we have a healthy little one, who apparently likes to hide from the Doc just like Hamp did.

So, yes.......if you didn't catch it or had to read it again, we're expecting a new baby! The new baby is due in December and is currently making Mommy EXTREMELY sick. So sick, in fact, that it makes her nauseous to get on the computer. Which is why blog posts have been absent. So bear with us, we have lots of vacation photos to share, as well as other fun things, but we may be MIA some, too. Hopefully, all will be back to normal soon, for everyone's sake!

The soon-to-be big brother, ready for the pool!


Friday Photo and Week in Review

Ok, we know it's hard to review the week when we haven't been here at all!

On Monday, we got to visit with Paul's cousin Terry and his wife Jill. They are visiting from Mallorca, Spain, and made a stop to visit us during their cross-country adventure. It was so great to see them....especially since the last time we saw them was at our wedding!

It was also our last week of Wednesday night church services until the fall, so we celebrated with a big pizza party and lots of fun for the kiddos. Of course, it's not too long until we see them again during VBS!

We went to Hampton's 18-month checkup this week, and he's still growing like a weed. He's now 29.2 pounds and 33.25 inches tall. He's really slimming down and looking like such a big boy!

Mostly, though, we have been busy getting ready to go on vacation today, which means that we've packed up almost all of our belongings to carry with us! We're headed to Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Atlanta, and we'll fill you in on all the fun once we get home. So until then, have a great weekend and upcoming week!

Paul, Bo, Hamp, Jill & Terry


Happy Bo-Day!

Unfortunately, we've been way too busy to blog this week. However, we wouldn't miss celebrating the birthday of the best guy in the world. Tanner & Hampton wish a Happy Birthday to the best father, husband and friend ever! We love you LOTS!