Vacation...Part One

This year, we took our vacation in two parts. First we headed to Orlando for a few days with Bob and Randi, then we kept going south to visit Boba & Grandpa Andy in Boca Raton.

In Orlando, we stayed at this really great resort right in the heart of Orlando. It had great lakeside views and 2 wonderful pool complexes, which was awesome since we really didn't do too much while we were there. We did eat at an awesome little hole-in-the-wall authentic Italian restaurant and we shopped the endless outlet malls (of course). Mostly, though, we just relaxed......and it was wonderful!

Tomorrow we'll fill you in on vacation part two!


Where Do We Begin??

We've been away for so long, we don't know where to even start! Since we last blogged, we've been on vacation, had a birthday party, Hampton was baptized, we've been to Fairhope and the fabric stores more times than we can count, had a Grandpa & Granny visit, gotten 2 top teeth, volunteered, been to a big concert, and more. If it's okay with you, we're just going to start at the very beginning!
So here's what has happened since we've been away.......
Hampton turned 9 months old....almost a month ago!
He was, and still is, full of energy and turning into a big boy more and more each day.
He loves to stand, and would rather stand over and over than play with his toys!
Check in for more tomorrow when we fill you in on our vacation.


Good News!

Good news! The computer is back home and we think it's healthy! We've been super-busy this week, but we promise to get back to blogging (and Hamp pics) next week. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you Monday!


Shopping Around

Our computer is still in the shop, and it's been a little like a Comedy of Errors around here. We also had to stick Bo's car back in the shop for the 4th time, but luckily it's finally fixed after multiple replacements of the same part. We also had to take our backup computer (which is our new computer) back to BestBuy to have it looked at as well. We think they took care of the issue, but it's still under warranty and Tanner is threatening to march it back up there at the slightest hint of a problem. Let's all hope that doesn't happen! :)

We've been super busy around here this week getting ready for Tanner's family who are coming in this weekend. We are almost finished with the guestroom-to-playroom conversion, except for painting Hampton's table and chairs and hanging the new curtains that Tanner finished sewing last night. Bo is headed in every direction at work, and we even did a family work outing this week to Mobile for Bo to pick up a set of plans and for Tanner to make a stop at the fabric store for The Monogrammed Monkey. Tonight's plans involve another fabric store run and a stop to pick up some last-minute party supplies for Bob's Birthday party Saturday night.

It's going to be a jam-packed weekend, and hopefully we'll have a computer next week to post pictures with!


Comings and Goings On

Yes, we did make it home from vacation! We had a blast in Orlando and then visiting Bo's mom (Boba) in Boca Raton. We even did a 12-hour-straight car ride with Hampton on our way home. He was a complete champ, and only cried when he was hungry, which made perfect meal-time stops for us. However, once we got home, our main computer crashed, which means no updated photos until it gets back from the computer hospital! In the meantime, here's what we're up to....
  • doing major grocery shopping, since we haven't been in weeks
  • dealing with our overgrown yard
  • catching up with orders for The Monogrammed Monkey (harder when you don't have the photo or saved data that's on the broken computer!)
  • reading the 198 emails that we got while on vacation
  • supervising Hampton, since every waking second he is trying to climb up anything he can find
  • finding a place for all the goodies that Boba sent home with us (seriously, we had to buy a hitch-haul to get it all home!)
  • making hiding places that we'll remember for the Christmas and birthday gifts we've already bought
  • converting our spare bedroom to a playroom
  • laundry, laundry, and more laundry!!!

Hopefully, we'll get an "all-clear" from our computer whiz and be back to blogging very, very soon. Please pray that we haven't lost all our photos, saved documents, and Bo's beloved i-tunes!


Friday Photo

couldn't you just squeeze those little legs??


Snack Time


9-Month Photos


Look What We Found

This is what we walked in to find after nap time.
Someone woke up on the happy side of the bed!


Play Dates

Last week we had 2 different play dates and they were both very fun! On Wednesday, we went and played with our friends Leigh and Dylan who live down the street. Dylan and Hampton played with all their fun toys, but Tanner noticed that Hampton is going to need sharing lessons! Sadly, that's another thing he learned from his mommy!

On Friday, we got to go swimming with our pals Kelly and Conner. They have the sweetest pool with lazy river in their neighborhood, and with the heat index near 118 degrees, we were thrilled to go! The boys floated and kicked their way around the river, and they both really enjoyed playing under the waterfall. For some reason, water pouring down their faces didn't bother them like it did their mommies!

Both days were very fun, and they were a great distraction from all the packing, errands, and cleaning that it takes to leave on vacation. We always have fun with our friends and we look forward to getting together again soon!

our friends Kelly and her adorable son Conner

Hamp trying to crawl back to the pool